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How Did You Get Into Alapacas?

In the spring of 2016, we were driving home from a short trip to northwest Minnesota when we passed an alpaca farm. What started as a series of "I wonder if alpacas..." questions turned into a lot of research about these unique and intriguing animals. Suddenly, we were more than just wondering about alpacas; we were wondering if we wanted to start a small alpaca farm. We were fortunate enough to learn about Alpaca U from Foggy Bottom Farms and Over the Rainbow Alapaca Ranch, where we got some great mentoring that helped us make our final decision to dive in and start a small farm focused on fiber, breeding, and being a resource for others like us whose journey starts with "I wonder."

We believe you should be able to feel cozy; never itchy - something alpaca fiber can make a reality. At Stella Farms, we choose to help more and more people realize the benefits of alpaca fiber products by supporting the growth of this market in the U.S. We know we will only play a very tiny part in this quest, but we get to be around some amazing creatures to do so.

One thing we've learned so far is the alpaca farm community is a great group that supports one another. We hope we live up to that description.

Ryan, Lisa and Maddi Barnett